Market Research is the core service of WBC. One of our main advantages is the link with the University of Westminster and the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises, which gives us access to over 40,000 students across UK and Europe.

Services include:
  • Primary Research

  • Secondary Research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Consumer Profiling

Marketing Consultancy is our platform for showcasing our creativity. Whether it is for developing a marketing strategy or innovating an existing one, we provide you with accessible, affordable and high quality marketing advise.

Services include:
  • Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Operations Management

  • Business Promotion Strategy

  • Direct & Digital marketing

  • Branding

Performance Improvement is all about growing sustainably. WBC will give you that edge to maximise your true potential. Plan your businesses’ first steps with our strategy and growth services. We can help with planning, expanding or restructuring your company into a profitable business.

Services include:
  • Business Plan

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Business Operations Review

  • Business Development Strategy

Digital is the future. Here at WBC we will help your business to get Digital. Engage prospective customers with creative online strategies and content. Boost your online presence with our effective web design solutions.

Services include:
  • Social Media Management & Development

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Web Development

  • App development

  • Internet Marketing

WBC offers tailored Event Management packages. From the planning to the promotion and the execution, we will be the support you need to have a memorable event.

Services include:
  • Event Management

  • Staffing & Support

We are looking for a candidate who has analytical skills and technical skills. You will be responsible for development of our website and automating operations.

How we work?


It is a non-binding consultation meeting to understand more about your company and your problem.


Based on existing experience, motivation and availability: a qualified consulting team will be assembled.


A comprehensive proposal will be provided that outlines the scope and approach chosen, the methods used, and timelines. This phase is carried out to guarantee a tailored approach to provide best solution to your problem.


The consulting team will then carry out the agreed approach that was outlined in the proposal, with a supervision of a Quality Assurance Manager in order to guarantee a high quality delivery. The Project Manager is in constant contact with the client to update on the progress of the project.