Founded in 1995, Westminster Business Consultants is a Junior Enterprise affiliated to the University of Westminster. Being the first and largest Junior Enterprise in the UK compliments our position in the market, which allows us to have a diverse base of clientele.

Our services are tailored to our clients

We provide management consultancy services that are designed to optimise the operability of your business.

Specialised in Feasibility Studies, Business Development, Performance Improvement and Product Development.

We provide strategic consultancy services that are designed to give you critical insights on your business' external environment.

Specialised in Market Research, Consumer Identification, International Market Analysis and Brand Strategy.

We provide legal advisory and legal research for companies, law firms and law clinics.

Specialised in Corporate, Contract, Family, Inheritance, Employment and Criminal law.

Our clients are our priority

Commited to Excellence

We continously optimise our client engagement process and innovate ways of working to ensure that our clients get the best results from us.

Our KPIs

  • Satisfaction Rate95%
  • Project Success Rate82%
  • Westminster Business Consultants is a fantastic opportunity for Westminster students to learn real business skills whilst at University. It also provides a great method of training entrepreneurial skills and team working that is much needed by today's employers, and develops those students who want to show that they are a cut above the rest. During the Enterprise Develoment Day, in which I was delighted to give a key note speech, I found their conduct professional and friendly and enjoyed the opportunity to see and talk to such engaged students.
  • Westminster Business Consultants is one of our most trusted partners. We carefully choose our foreign partners and do not sign the partnership agreement until we have collaborated on a common project. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see the association's professionalism and have seen ESCadrille and WBC establish a relationship built on mutual respect by relying on each other for international projects such as market researches. The project for Hermès Cuirs Précieux showed once again the frequency to which we call upon WBC for their services.
  • Westminster Business Consultants has been very professional and highly motivated to work. The current strategy of WBC is also an ambitious and future-oriented. Both of our Junior Enterprises have set future ambitious goals to reach them together. For that short time of partnership, we are highly impressed by WBC and also happy to have an outstanding partner. The number of the international partnerships WBC has is exemplary for every other Junior Enterprise.